Therapeutic Hypothermia only evidence based neuroprotective treatment for Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy.

A Full term female child who was delivered vaginally (breech presentation) had moderate to severe birth asphyxia. She was given therapeutic cooling at birth, which was started at 3rd hour of life and was given for 72hrs , followed by gradual rearming.  She was discharged on the14th day of life, on breast feeding, had regular follow up with early stimulation therapy.

Today, at 1 year & 7 months of age, she walks very well without support, speaks few words, follows simple instructions.
If the baby had not received the specialized treatment of therapeutic hypothermia and had been only conventionally managed, there were 80 – 90 % chances of this beautiful baby developing Cerebral Palsy.

Why should the newborn suffer from such irreparable damage when such a world class treatment is available at affordable rates in our city.