General Information

Registration and Billing for OPD

Every patient who wishes to avail the various services in Isha Multispeciality Hospital must get registered. This is a one-time event which gives you a permanent Patient ID number. One time registration charges are as applicable. Registration and billing counters are present on the ground floor. The patient needs to pay for appointments and all other services prior to availing the same.


For appointments, please contact us on  0265 – 2314011/22/33


In case of any emergency, contact us at
Immediate Assistance:  0265-2314011 / 22, 09904709980 (RMO)
Labour room emergencies: 0265-2314044
NICU / PICU emergencies: 09904701333

Ambulance Services

We have two well-equipped ambulances available for transporting neonates and patients.
For availing this service, please call 09904709988

Before Admission

Reservations can be made for bed classes, operation theatres and day care procedures as per doctor’s recommendations. The admissions desk in the main lobby will collect your deposit and assist you during the booking process.

We accept only cash or MasterCard and Visa credit /debit cards.

Bank cheque payments are not accepted.

While all efforts will be made to give you a bed/class of your choice, this may not always be possible.

Only a surgeon/consultant can authorize cancellation or postponement of a surgery on medical grounds and authorize a refund. Please contact the admission counter for all issues related to cancellation.

Refunds above Rs.5,000/- will be made by cheque within a period of one week after cancellation.

All direct admissions to any intensive care unit of the hospital are
accepted at the General Ward.

On Admission

Keep some cash for miscellaneous purposes or in case of an emergency. Please safeguard your valuables and mobile phone. Hospital in general is not responsible for loss of personal property of patients or the relatives.

The hospital will not be liable for any loss of money or valuables. Please do not bring video cameras or other recording devices into the hospital. Photography or Videographer is not permissible in the hospital premises to ensure the patient’s confidentiality.

We constantly strive to provide you with a bedroom of your choice but you may face a delay in obtaining an allotment. We regret any inconveniences caused.

If the bed/class or location of your choice is not available at the time of admission, you may give your request to the admissions staff in writing and they will try their best to accommodate your request. We cannot promise a change in bed/class or location as this depends strictly on bed availability and clinical condition of the patient.

Attendant and visitor pass will be issued as per hospital policy. The admission desk is not obliged to issue extra visitor or attendant passes. Remember noise levels and visitor borne infections can hinder the recovery of the patient.

Please keep all passes safely and hand them over at the time of discharge. Fines are levied for missing passes.

After Admission

The bed charge is calculated from 12:00 noon to 12:00 noon irrespective of the time of admission.

Upgrade/downgrade of the class of bed affects your billing.

When you move up to a higher class, the billing from day one will be as per the higher class.
When you move down to a lower class, the billing from the day of transfer will be as per the lower class. Change in bed/class after admission is done strictly as per bed availability.

Interim bill statements will be made available to you on a daily basis. We would appreciate it if the amount accrued to your account is settled within 24 hours on day-to-day basis.

We request that only one relative be in the room with the patient as far as possible. Only the hospital administration gives permission for additional patient attendant. Visiting hours are between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on all days. Visitors must have visitor passes to go up to the wards.

When the patient is shifted to the critical care unit, relatives have to vacate the room or else the room charges will continue to be charged.
Only the billing department processes in-patient payments.


Discharge of the patient will be authorized as per the doctor’s opinion. In case the patient/relative wishes to be transferred to another hospital or be sent home against the advice of the doctor, the patient/relative would be required to sign a ‘Discharge against Medical Advice’ declaration and the hospital will not be held responsible for any change in the patient’s condition, thereafter. Discharges are processed round the clock in the hospital.

Your Summary Report/Discharge Card will be given to you by the floor staff at the time of discharge. The discharge process may sometimes take long. Inconvenience caused in these circumstances is regretted. TPA correspondence sometimes delays the cashless discharge. Patients cannot leave hospital before settling hospital dues in any circumstances.

Please submit the visitor passes at the billing department or a fine of Rs.100/- would be levied for the same. Any refund above Rs.5,000/- will be paid by cheque within a period of one week.


Maintain cleanliness of the hospital especially in common areas. Please help in keeping the noise levels low an especially when talking on your mobile phone in hospital common areas.

Consumption of alcohol, tobacco chewing, gum chewing, smoking, spitting, drying clothe in window grill, throwing waste outside any windows is strictly prohibited, if spotted the administration can fine you up to Rs.500/-.

A hygienic environment is essential for your health we expect full cooperation at your end in maintaining our standards.

Keep the toilets clean and dry. Use the dustbins for disposal of any waste. Separate dust bin are provided to dispose used sanitary pads. Do not use toilets to dispose them, they choke the hospital drainage.

Housekeeping of in-patient rooms is done twice a day; in case you need any additional assistance please inform the floor in charge or the nursing staff.

We take pride in serving you. Giving individual tips to staff personnel is prohibited. Our hospital has a staff welfare fund where you may contribute if you wish so.


The hospital kitchen is equipped to serve well-balanced vegetarian meals. Special diets will be served as prescribed by the doctor. All meals are planned and their preparation is supervised by trained and competent dieticians.

Food from outside is not allowed, either for patients or patient’s attendants. All attendant meals have to be either pre-ordered at the time of admission or inform a day in advance for the next day’s meal service

The cafeteria / snack bar on the ground floor is functional from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Auditorium floor canteen is functional as when it is required and is not open for hospital purpose.

Clothes and Linen

It is mandatory that patients wear garments provided by the hospital. The hospital provides fresh laundered linen to all patients. All patients are provided with bed and bath linen and we encourage the patient attendants to use the linen which we provide. Bringing in any material from outside is prohibited as this may cause infection.

For any additional requirement of linen or problem with the linen, you may contact the floor in charge or the nursing staff

Facility Management Services

In case of any electrical faults with light switches, A/C, TV, etc., or plumbing items like showers, flushes etc., please inform the Floor In charge for assistance.

Please do not attempt to shift or repair any electrical item. Do not touch the oxygen and suction pump equipment. Do not change the setting of the thermostat knobs of AC remote. The windows are locked. Do not forget to close them when AC is switched on. Do not talk loudly on mobile phone in hospital common areas. Hospital security can take objections on your suspicious & non cooperative behaviour.


A television has been provided in each patient room. In case of any inconvenience, please contact the floor in charge.

Patient Feedback

The floor in charge will issue a feedback form at the time of discharge. The feedback can be mailed at Please do take the time to let us know how we can serve you better.

Report Collection / Delivery

All reports can be collected from the Reception / Registration desk on the ground floor. Your reports can be couriered to you at your residential address, or can be mailed on your e-mail address in special cases.

Important Phone Numbers
Appointments: 0265 – 2304111 / 22
Emergency: 0265 – 2304111 / 22
General Inquiries: 0265 – 2304111 / 22


At Isha Multispeciality Hospital, we have ensured that the pharmacy services are available for 24 hours. The pharmacy also ensures that all medicines are authentic and maintain appropriate storage conditions. Medicines/consumables from outside the hospital premises are not allowed.

Cafeteria and Snacks

The cafeteria offers quick-bite options to the guests and visitors along with coffee / tea / soft drinks on the ground floor.

For further information, please e-mail us at

Important Phone Numbers

Appointments: 2304111, 22
Emergency: 2304111, 22
General Inquiries: 2304111, 22

Other Services

Isha Multispeciality Hospital offers a range of services that can be availed by anybody at reasonable charges.
Some of the services offered are:-

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Antenatal class for pregnant women
  • Physiotherapy
  • Diet counselling

Outpatient Departments

The OPD is functional between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday. Contact the appointment desk to find out more about the hospital’s full time services and visiting specialist’s consultation/schedule.

24×7 facilities

    • Blood Bank
    • Pharmacy
    • X-Ray
    • Pathology Laboratory
    • Emergency care for patients in labour, neonates and paediatric emergencies
    • Ambulance

Critical Care Units

  • Surgical / Maternal critical ICU
  • HDU for high risk patients in labour