Labor analgesia at Isha :

Labor pain during normal delivery is considered most painful experience in woman’s life. Severity and fear of pain force a woman to opt for surgical delivery instead of the natural birth process of  their very precious child.

We, at Isha vow to reduce the suffering of the woman and make childbirth an enjoyable experience. We offer labor analgesia, a method of pain relief during natural childbirth ( normal delivery). Labor analgesia can be done by various methods. Most effective method is Epidural analgesia during labor. Epidural is a tiny catheter threaded in epidural space from your back. Drugs are given intermittently in epidural space to relieve or reduce the pain of  labor. Other methods including IV drugs, oxygen+nitrous oxide combinations is also practiced at Isha hospital , depending upon the requirement of the patient.

Please watch the video for brief information regarding Epidural Labor analgesia.

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