Department of Maxillofacial Plastic Surgery

Maxillofacial Plastic Surgery which is commonly known as Oral and Maxillofacial surgery is a specialized branch of Dentistry, which has evolved over five decades of its existence. This branch deals with surgical treatment of conditions like trauma to the face and jaws, cancer and pre-cancer of the mouth, acquired and congenital facial deformities like cleft lip and cleft palate.

As part of our philanthropic endevours, we at ISHA launched this branch of Cleft and Craniofacial Surgical Centre to provide comprehensive care to cleft lip and palate patients free of cost.

The team of experts on board headed by Dr Varun Ramachandra with their extensive education and training, surgical expertise and unparalleled understanding of aesthetics and function uniquely qualify them to treat the conditions, defects, injuries and aesthetic aspects of the mouth, jaws and face.


‘Cleft lip & cleft palate’ is the commonest birth defect of the face in India, affecting one child in every 800 live births, as per this incidence rate every year almost 35000 cleft babies are born in our country.

Cleft meaning Gap or fissure is the second most common birth defect in children. Cleft lip and palate are variations of a type of birth deformity caused by abnormal facial development during early pregnancy.

Our experts at ISHA work side by side with other contributing doctors to provide treatment aimed at achieving the highest standard of care. Our team considers function and appearance, as well as nutrition, speech, hearing, emotional and psychological development for each patient.

Paediatric Cleft lip repair before and after pictures