Isha Multispeciality Hospital shares with the world, its success story, by making its unique videos of surgery available for the Doctor Fraternity. Isha Multispeciality Hospital also imparts training programs meant for the Doctors (National as well as International)  Laparoscopic-and-Hysteroscopic Training-program & IVF Training Programs.

Educational Videos

Bilateral Endometrioma Excision

Endometrial Polyp Fundal Leni Sabu Resection

Dermoid in Bag

Hysteroscopy PM Polypectomy

Enterolysis Small Bowel Wall VC

Ovarian Suturing Barbed

Hydrosalpingx adhesinolysis VC

Post Hysterectomy adnexl mass

Adhesinolysis VC

Post hysterectomy POD Adhesions

Hysteroscopic polyp grasper VC

Hysteroscopy Biopsy PMB

Ovarian abscess adhesion cystectomy

Uterine Compression Sutures

A Rare Case - Adult Cystic adenomyomatosis of Uterus

Prolapse of the Uterus

TLH - Incisional Repair

Endometrioma Excision

Hysteroscopic Myomectomy

TLH- Case 1 Full Video

TLH- Case 2 Full video

Inbag Morcellation

In bag Morcellation - Safety Isolation bag with 2 tubular guide - used for the first time in the world !

TLH Adhesinolysis-1

TLH - Adhesinolysis - Pus-2

TLH Ureterolysis POD 3

TLH POD adhesions 4





TLH-Bladder-dissection-lost plane- 9

TLH Previous 3 LSCS - Live telecast